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Lightcare Eclipse™ utilizes the latest in UV disinfection technology allowing for the Humphrey perimeter to be disinfected in minutes without the need for a technician to be present.

Safety Features

  • Multiple Positioning Sensors
  • Magnetic Locking Sensors
  • Lamp Brightness Sensor
  • Light-Tight Fit with HFA

Compact & Easy to Handle

Lightcare Eclipse™ can easily be handled by all your staff.

Device       < 8 lbs, 16w x 16h x 12d (in)

Stand      2 lbs, 11w x 9h x 8d (in)

Dual Ultraviolet (UV) Lamps

Philips lamps provide UVC light for maximum disinfection in the shortest amount of time.

Electrical Compatibility

Safety tested and designed for all standard voltages.
(100V, 120V & 220V)