Proactively Prevent Transmissions of Disease like COVID19

Advance patient care by proactively disinfecting your HFA device to prevent the transmission of virus, bacteria, and other pathogens from patient to patient.

Automated Disinfection Process

Reduce human error with a more reliable cleaning method with Lightcare Eclipse™—also serving as a visual signal that you've disfinfected the HFA. Healthcare technicians spend less time cleaning and more time with patients.

The Lightcare Eclipse™

Employing state-of-the-art UVC disinfection technology featuring Philips lamps, the Lightcare Eclipse™ System is more than a disinfection tool to disinfect the HFA; it's increased patient safety and quality of care.

The Lightcare Eclipse™

Advanced UVC disinfection for ophthalmic care.

  • Made for Healthcare

    Designed and assembled in the US by healthcare industry professionals. 

  • Advanced UVC Technology

    Computerized system using dual Philips UVC lamps for advanced disinfection 

  • Fast and Safe Disinfection

    The Lightcare Eclipse automatically and safely disinfects the Humphrey perimeter in just 3 minutes, allowing technicians to spend more time with patients.

  • High Patient Visibility

    Increase patient confidence with a device that clearly communicates that the HFA has been disinfected just for them. 

About MI Health, Inc.

MI Health, makers of the Lightcare Eclipse™, is a device manufacturer based in the United States and founded by healthcare professionals.