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Pre-Order Lightcare Eclipse™

$2,250.00 $2,750.00 For a limited time, save $500.00
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Pre-Order Lightcare Eclipse™

$2,250.00 $2,750.00 For a limited time, save $500.00
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Compatible with HFA II-i and HFA 3.


Lightcare Eclipse™ was designed to rapidly disinfect the Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA) utilizing current advancements in UV lighting technology while employing the smallest footprint possible.


Virus and bacteria may remain suspended in air and inside the bowl of the HFA device as patients breathe creating contamination and infection concerns.

Traditional sprays and harsh cleansers can damage the HFA overtime and may not kill all virus and bacteria.

Lightcare Eclipse™ increases your confidence in a thoroughly clean environment for patients and healthcare workers.

The Lightcare Eclipse™

Advanced UVC disinfection for ophthalmic care.

  • Made for Healthcare

    Designed and assembled in the US by healthcare industry professionals.

  • Advanced UVC Technology

    Computerized system using dual Philips UVC lamps for advanced disinfection.

  • Fast and Safe Disinfection

    The Lightcare Eclipse automatically and safely disinfects the Humphrey perimeter in just 3 minutes, allowing technicians to spend more time with patients.

  • High Patient Visibility

    Increase patient confidence with a device that clearly communicates that the HFA has been disinfected just for them. 

Technical Specifications

Lightcare Eclipse™ utilizes the latest in UVC disinfection technology allowing for HFA to be disinfected in minutes without the need for a technician to be present.

  • Safety Features

    • Multiple Positioning Sensors
    • Magnetic Locking Sensors
    • Lamp Brightness Sensor
    • Light-Tight Fit with HFA
  • Compact & Easy to Handle

    Lightcare Eclipse™ can easily be handled by all your staff.

    Device       < 8 lbs, 16w x 16h x 12d (in)
    Stand      2 lbs, 11w x 9h x 8d (in)

  • Dual UV Lamps

    Philips lamps provide UVC light for maximum disinfection in the shortest amount of time.

  • Electrical Compatibility

    Safety tested and designed for all standard voltages.
    (100V, 120V & 220V)