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Outdated Methods of Cleaning

In the past, healthcare technicians would need to understand the different tools and devices before arbitrarily using wipes and harsh chemical cleansers to disinfect devices such as the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer (HFA). 

Chemicals can breakdown or damage components if not used properly. What's more is that quickly spraying down or wiping devices does not guarantee total disinfection. 

Lightcare Eclipse™ eliminates the need for chemical cleansers inside the bowl of the HFA; where disinfection matters most and reduces virus by 99.99% (read about the study here).

Saving Time with Automation

An equally important aspect of increasing patient care using Lightcare Eclipse™ is saving time from active cleaning. Setting Lightcare Eclipse™ to automatically clean between patients allows healthcare technicians more time to work with patients, and less time needed to actively cleaning the HFA.

Increases Quality of Care

You'll see an overall increase of the quality of care, and your patients will too. Seeing the Lightcare Eclipse™ on your HFA will signal to your patient that the device has been disinfected and ready for the next patient therefore increasing patient confidence in your office or practice.